Neuropsychological Testing

A wide range of cognitive functions are evaluated using standardized neuropsychological tests:

  • Memory span and working memory (Digit-Span forward and backward from HAWIE-R, the German version of WAIS-IIIR)
  • Semantic memory (Word-Fluency test in written and spoken versions from LPS)
  • Selective attention, vand attentional endurance (D2-R)
  • lateralization and motor functions (Perdue Pegboard Test)
  • Crystallized intelligence (Multiple-Choice Word Test; MWT-B)
  • General cognitive status (Mini-Mental-State-Examination; MMSE)
  • Different aspects of verbal memory (Verbal Learning and Memory Tests; VLMT, a German version of the RAVLT)
  • Psycho-motor performance, speed of processing (Digit-Symbol-Test from HAWIE)
  • Interference control, inhibition (Stroop-Test from Nürnberg Aging Inventar (NAI))
  • Speed of processing and task switching (Trail-Making-Test; TMT-A and TMT-B)
  • Logical reasoning (performance testing system LPS-3)
  • Spatial rotation (performance testing system LPS-7)
  • Non-verbal intelligence (Raven’s Progressive Matrices 2)

All neuropsychological tests will be used to generate the g-factor indicating fluid intelligence.